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The Storage Auction Game was created by The Simitz Family in 2009 and offered for sale on Amazon in 2010. The Storage Auction Game simulates the fun and excitement of bidding on seized storage units up for auction. In the real world storage units or storage lockers which are unpaid are put up for public auction. Bidders arrive at the storage site with cash, flashlight, and sometimes a small ladder to stand on. The auctioneer cuts the lock and rolls up the door. The bidders can not go inside or touch the contents. The bidders are bidding on the entire contents of the storage unit. Sometimes you can see high value items in plain site and other times all you see is junk or boxes. A box marked Sterling or Gold may not be precious metals but the last name of the owner. A box marked “fragile” may indeed hold a valuable item or a plain set of glasses. Many times the bidders win the rights to clean up someone’s trash or worthless junk. The professional storage auction bidder is looking for big profits. Where else can you double, triple or hit the big score?

My name is Mark Simitz and I am a Professional Estate Appraiser and Estate Liquidator. I have been buying estates and storage auction items for over twenty five years and making myself and others rich!. I have a lifetime collection of incredible stories to tell. The Storage Auction Game is based on my family’s experiences in this business.

Storage auction buyers keep quiet about their experiences because they do not want to invite more competition.  New buyers threaten their living and pay check.  Over the years there have been seminars regarding storage auctions. After every seminar sixty people would show up at the storage auctions. Most of them would burn out after over paying because the locals would bid them up. A few months would pass and they would go away. The latest threat are the cable shows. They are made for entertainment. The items found in storage auctions are incredible with a disclaimer that this is a one in a hundred storage locker. Antiques, collectibles, coins and money are sometimes found but it is usually household items from someone’s life.

You can read about my stories in my blog and follow me on twitter at auctions and  estate sales. I have made The Storage Auction Game ® which simulates moving and storage auctions. All Merch  pictures are from myself and our friends who send in their own pictures and stories.

The Storage Auction Game is played by a minimum of two players up to unlimited players. We are working on an application you can play on your smart phone which will play unlimited players.  If you would like your item in our game please send up to six pictures, your name, prices, and stories, along with $10. We will send you a pdf file of up to six of your Merch cards in a standard page layout. Download onto your computer and print unlimited game pieces on photo paper. Your Merch Card will be placed on our website.

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If you decide to get professional involved in the moving and storage auction business you need to buy my Storage Auction Guide for only $20.00.

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Mike Dehaas (picture on the right) is the biggest auction buyer in this area. Mike Dehaas, known as The Doctor or M.D., travels from Northern California to Southern California to buy at storage auctions. The Doctor has an ebay account: Lockerwares. Looking for antiques, gold, silver, etc check out his account. The Doctor also has local storage where he processes all his storage auction buys. The Doctor can also be found out at Solano Drive Inn on Sundays near the front. The Doctor always has new Merch and deals are plentiful. Just mention Mark Simitz for your discount. Watch for upcoming shows on True T.V. Storage Hunters. Watch The Doctor and Little Fruit perform their magic on the show.

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Moving and Storage Auctions will make you money! The Storage Auction Game will make you rich! Play The Storage Auction Game with friends and family.

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